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Prayers for my mom

My mom went to the eye Dr. last week. She found out she could not see out of one eye!! He did many test and could find nothing wrong!? So he set her up with a specialist she saw yesterday. Many hours and test later he tells her she has server glaucoma and due to not seeing the Dr. over many years the pressure had damaged the optical nerve be on repair!!! :(((( The other eye has only 25% vision left!! So he gave her drops and she has to have surgery next week if there is any  chance to save this eye!!!!!!! Me, Dad & Brother are gonna be there for her!!!! God bless



For over 3 years u claim to be my best friend!! I tell u everything!! Then I tell u last night my brother is going back Nursing School and you start of  Weird. No offense but he gives me the creeps.  Relay!!!!!! He is family!!! We are no means close, and if any of u know we have and will always have our faults!! I followed back to her with this If you can’t execpt my friends and family maybe we should’t talk! She followed back with I didn’t say I didn’t “except” him. And if that’s the way you
Feel than that’s fine with me. Guess that’s how to end a friendship. I wonder if she was a true friend in the first place!!!!